Sean Brock Audrey Chef James Beard Award for Best Chef, Southeast, and is a four-time finalist for Outstanding Chef, as well as a three-time finalist for Rising Star Chef Virginia

Chef Sean Brock’s passion for restoring and preserving heirloom ingredients has remained a driving force in his award-winning approach to southern cuisine. 

From his early roots in rural Virginia to helming the kitchen at several prestigious southern restaurants in Atlanta, Charleston, and Nashville, Brock continues to redefine what it means to cook and eat southern food.

In addition to winning the James Beard Award for Best Chef, Southeast in 2010, Brock has also been recognized multiple times as a finalist for Rising Star Chef and Outstanding Chef. Both of Brock’s cookbooks, Heritage and SOUTH, were New York Times bestsellers, with Heritage winning the 2015 American Cooking James Beard Award.

Chef Brock hosted the Emmy Award-winning PBS television show, Mind of a Chef (Season 2), and was featured on season six of the popular Netflix show, Chef’s Table.

Brock is currently opening his flagship restaurant Audrey in East Nashville. At Audrey, Chef Brock is approaching his next chapter with a simple but powerful mission: contribute to Southern culture, community, and cuisine in a lasting & impactful way. “Audrey is the restaurant I want to retire in. I plan to take a minimalistic approach to exploring the future of Southern Food.”

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