Winter White Truffle

white truffle 2.jpg
white truffle 2.jpg

Winter White Truffle

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The aroma of this aromatic fungus is complex. Garlicky with notes of cheese and earth, there is nothing quite like a White Truffle (tuber magnatum pico). Excellent shaved onto risotto, fresh pasta, or even just warm bread and butter. 

Regalis Foods directly imports fresh white truffles four days a week, from more than 7 different regions in Italy and across Eastern Europe.

While many companies sell truffles, we are the most direct link to our pool of hunters overseas. No one gets a better selection or fresher truffle.

Product subject to availability and will ship Monday-Fridays. Please contact us if you are wanting to order product for Christmas or New Years as pricing will likely change as we approach the end of the white truffle season.

*Many of our images, including our signature White Truffle Image has been copied by dozens of companies in the online community. Please do not confuse our truffles with theirs.

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