Below is a list of wild foraged American mushrooms that Regalis Foods carries in the height of their seasons.

Chicken of the Woods: This orange and yellow hued mushroom is great for roasting, deep fried, and known for its lemony, chicken like flavor. 

Matsutake: This mysterious and highly coveted mushroom is the prized mushroom of Japan. Known for its incredibly earthy and pine like aroma, the matsutake hides beneath pine trees, under moss and rocks, only located by the most discerning eye. 

Yellow Chanterelles: With a flavor ranging from earthy and woody to floral, this brightly hued mushroom has been the staple of gourmet kitchens for centuries.

White Chanterelles: The white version to it’s yellow sister, this chanterelle is a meatier version of the delicate yellow chanterelle.

Hedgehog: Also known as the “sweet tooth mushroom,” this mushroom’s distinctive “hedgehog quill or teeth like cap” yields one of the most aromatic, slightly bittery yet buttery flavor profiles great for any cuisine.

Cauliflower: One of the most floral scented mushrooms found anywhere in the United States, this white to yellow hued mushroom looks like a bouquet of white hydrangea bushes, and smells like them too! 

Snow Shrimp: This spongy in texture mushroom is great sautéed; simmered in soups, stews, or sauces; baked; or even cooked in cocktail sauce as mock shrimp. Use the caps and stems of both forms.

Bears Tooth: This rich, earthy mushroom is not only beautiful for its white, coral like appearance, but is the perfect mushroom for a quick sauté or roast to achieve a seafood like flavor and aroma.

Lobster: This vibrantly red to orange hued mushroom will trick any seafood lover’s palette; it’s crustacean like aroma (just like the real lobster) and appearance are the vegetarians answer to “seafood-less seafood” risotto. 

Morel: Popping up in late spring through mid-summer, this meaty mushroom is prized for its unique nutty flavor. Perfect for stuffing or roasting, butter enhances and develops it’s truly unique flavor.

Porcini: This meaty, hearty mushroom is the king of umami in flavor. Perfect for enhancing risotto, broth, or braised with wild game, this mushroom is a generous addition to any dish.

Maitake: Also known as the “hen of the woods” mushroom for it’s brown, “feather-like plume,” this mushroom is the ultimate choice for roasting to achieve a super crisp texture and earthy, meaty flavor. 

Puff Balls: The marshmallow of all mushrooms, the puff ball is so soft and absorbent, it’s a chef’s dream mushroom. Torch the exterior like a marshmallow, drizzle with a reduction sauce, and allow this magic ingredient to wow any palette.

Black Trumpet: Known for their rich, smoky flavor and floral aroma, this trumpet shaped mushroom is the show-stopper of any dish. 


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