Why is my Shipping High?

We pride ourselves in offering 80% of our diverse portfolio of products at wholesale pricing direct to home consumers. Shipping is unfortunately inherently expensive as we do not inflate it into the cost of our ingredients.

Also, we desperately want all of the love and care that goes into the sourcing of these ingredients to equate to them arriving in pristine condition. We require FedEx overnight shipping for all of our perishable items. We also utilize ice packs as well as a sustainable recycled denim cooler insert for all outbound orders. This is used in lieu of harmful single-use Styrofoam. 

How do I lower my shipping costs?

Some of our more perishable items such as our Live Seafoods, Heirloom Greens, Foie Gras, and Specialty Poultry offerings ship directly from our small artisan producers. When these specific items are added to the cart, your shipping costs will increase. We recommend removing or substituting some of these items to lower your overall shipping cost.