50% Iberico De Cebo Paleta (Boneless Shoulder)

50% Iberico De Cebo Paleta (Boneless Shoulder)

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Paleta de Cebo Iberico is Ham made from the front leg of the pig the paleta, or shoulder. Paleta is smaller than the jamon, but every bit as deliciousThe meat is much closer to the bone which produces an intense flavor. Cured for 24 months the ham develops a rich nutty flavor with delicate texture.

50% Iberico pigs are a cross breed between 100% Iberico and 100% Duroc pigs. Farmed in Southwestern Spain, a Mediterranean ecosystem, among century old Holm and Cork Oak Trees. in a free-range environment.

Enjoy this magnificent ham with friends and family. Cut thin, in small slices and simply place on a plate to enjoy!

Product of Spain