Best Suadero, 5 lb. avg photos by Regalis Foods - item 1
Best Suadero, 5 lb. avg photos by Regalis Foods - item 2
Suadero, 5 lb. avg
Suadero, 5 lb. avg

Suadero, 5 lb. avg

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Suadero is a lean cut of beef found between the lower flank and the sirloin. In Mexican cuisine, Suadero is typically cooked with a long, slow braise to ensure that it is completely tender and moist, best finished with a quick fry in its own fat to add a crisp exterior before tossing onto a warm tortilla. Suadero is reliably found among Mexico City’s ample, astounding street stalls, served in tacos and tostadas with onion, cilantro, and lime.

Despite its popularity in Mexico, it is relatively uncommon to see high-quality Suadero served in the United States. This selection comes from A Bar n’ Ranch, a family-owned cattle operation in northern Texas. Since purchasing their first Wagyu Bull in 2009, A Bar n’ Ranch has dedicated themselves to raising cows with a level of reverence and rigor that is scarcely seen outside of Japan. Their herd grazes on thousands of acres, sustaining a lineage of the finest cattle breeds from America and Asia. The resulting steaks are some of the most tender, intensely marbled cuts produced anywhere in the United States. 

It is truly a pleasure to enjoy such exquisitely prepared beef in this seldom-seen cut, one that is amenable to simple but eminently satisfying presentations as tacos or tostadas. For a more decadent approach, we also love to accompany braised suadero with Bafun Uni and radishes quick-pickled in plum vinegar, drizzled with grassy olive oil onto a charred corn tortilla. 

Cuts are approximately 5lbs

Texas, United States

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