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Afghan Baby Pishori Pistachios
Afghan Baby Pishori Pistachios

Afghan Baby Pishori Pistachios

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Grown wild on the mountainsides of western Afghanistan, these bright purple and green baby pistachio kernels are high in protein and antioxidants. Compared to California or Iranian pistachios, Ziba’s are quite small, but they pack an intense and satisfying flavor profile. They are delicious as a fresh snack or as a topping for breakfast bowls, salads, and desserts.

Though pistachios are a fairly familiar snack around the world, Ziba's catalog covers a wide variety of nuts and dried fruits found primarily in Afghanistan, cherished in Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines. Ziba Foods, based in Kabul, continues doing the incredibly rewarding work of introducing these heirloom ingredients to a far wider audience, while simultaneously upholding an impactful operation at the source. In addition to supporting small-scale family farms throughout Afghanistan, Ziba also maintains an 80% women workforce at their headquarters in the capital.


This product is available as 1kg whole, unroasted and 1oz whole roasted & salted.

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