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Bellwether Farms Crème Fraîche, 5 oz.

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Sonoma County’s Bellwether Farms produces such unique, phenomenal crème fraîche that we truly believe it belongs to be showcased directly alongside our imported caviars and roes. 

Buttery, rich, and perfectly tangy, the experience and intensity of flavor more closely resemble a craft cheese than a simple, cultured dairy product. For acidification, Bellwether uses their own indigenous yeast culture, while most use buttermilk, lending an additional layer of distinction between their crème fraîche and the rest.

For over twenty years, Bellwether has gotten local cream with a mix of Guernsey, Holstein, and Jersey cows, coalescing to yield this crème fraîche’s exceptional richness. Jersey milk contains the highest butterfat content, evolving into a luxurious accompaniment for whatever is served alongside it. 

We enthusiastically recommend this crème fraîche with any of our caviars, and a nice crunch from potato chips or fresh blinis.

Sonoma County, California

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