Best Bison Ribeye Steak- 12-14 oz. Avg. photos by Regalis Foods - item 1

Bison Ribeye Steak- 12-14 oz. Avg.

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Sustainably raised in South Dakota, this grass-fed American Bison presents an earthy and rustic character, with potent minerality and smooth, supple texture. Leaner and more complex than most beef, this Ribeye has the potential to meaningfully elevate any traditional steak preparation.

An incredibly vital animal for Native Americans of the Great Plains, the bison was nearly completely eradicated as settler populations pushed westward in the nineteenth century. In the early twentieth century, conservation efforts gradually rekindled wild populations, and today bison again graze the plains, though at only a minuscule fraction of their earlier numbers. 

South Dakota, United States

12 - 14oz