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Chili Sauce 150ml
Chili Sauce 150ml

Chili Sauce 150ml

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Moromi is an American soy sauce maker, honoring centuries-old Japanese traditions developed after years of tutelage under mentors in Japan. For this selection, Moromi's phenomenal foundational Shoyu is infused with locally grown and freshly harvested Cayenne peppers. The Shoyu base comes from freshly harvested soy beans inoculated with carefully nurtured and selected koji mold, or Aspergillus oryzae, the backbone of so many staples of East Asian cuisine. The trio behind Moromi — Bob Florence, James Wayman, and Debbi Michiko Florence — source their Koji directly from Japan, and the remainder of their ingredients are grown and sourced locally, including non-GMO, Connecticut-grown hardy red wheat.

With a rich, viscous texture and a gradual crescendo of heat, this Chili sauce combines tang and umami, making it a wonderfully versatile addition to virtually any savory dish.

150 ml bottle

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