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Etrog Citron - 1 lb.

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The Etrog citron resembles a large, knobby lemon. It is a species of citrus fruit related to Buddah’s Hand and similarly has a very thick rind and aromatic skin. Inside contains very small, segmented flesh with many little seeds. The taste of the Etrog is actually quite mild in flavor with a much more gentle acidity and sweetness to its citrus relatives.  

The oil and rind of the Etrog citron are the most commonly used portions of the fruit. The peel and white pith can be boiled to remove the bitterness, and then cooked in a mixture of sugar and water to bring a balanced sweetness for desserts, preserves and fruit cakes. The intense oil and aroma of the peel can also be used to flavor savory dishes and infuse vodka. 

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