Farmer Joe's Pasture Raised Duck

Farmer Joe's Pasture Raised Duck

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These pasture-raised White Pekin ducks are plump, delectably fatty, and the meat is incredibly sweet. Simply put, the best whole duck we’ve ever tasted.

The Pekin duck, aka the Long Island duck was bred in China from wild Mallards, and are a migratory species. Over the years, they’ve bred them to be smaller and plumper thus resulting in their mild, sweet, and tender flesh.

These ducks are raised in an organic pasture, and roam freely eating grass, grubs and bugs in the soil, and are fed a locally grown and processed non-GMO feed. From the very beginning Farmer Joe put a premium on utilizing sustainable and humane practices that benefit health for the animals, the earth, and the consumers. Joe practices rotational grazing, wherein the animals are frequently rotated to new pasture, giving the pasture rest and time for regrowth. The benefits of rotational pasturing are immediately apparent in the quality of meat, as well as the positive environmental stewardship.

Product of Kentucky

Each duck is 5-6lb avg and is sold frozen