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Hanega Ginkgo (Hyo) Vinegar

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Hanega’s flagship product and also its best selling, this ginkgo vinegar is unlike anything we’ve tasted. Ginkgo from the family orchard is combined with 14 other herbs, fruits, grains and roots and then aged for at least five years. So flavorful and yet incredibly light, it balances herbal notes with a hint of orange, and can be used in delicate crudos or salads, or with stronger-flavored dishes. 

●  Made in Ganghwado, South Korea
●  Aged at least 5 years
●  Unpasteurized.  Non-GMO, no preservatives, additives, trans-fats or refined sugar
●  Ingredients:  Ginkgo berry, ginkgo leaf, dried orange peel, lilyturf root, balloon flower root, rice, pine needles, malt, yeast, honey, brown sugar, water

Contains 370ml ginkgo vinegar