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Hokkaido A5 Wagyu Ribeye

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Wagyu from Japan’s northernmost prefecture has the nickname of “snow beef,” a nickname well suited to the vivid white marbling adorning this cut. As with all of our A5 Japanese Wagyu, this selection represents the finest quality beef anywhere in the world, with classification standards rigorous and honest enough to truly let each prefecture’s sense of place shine. 

Due to the region’s comparatively cold climate, cattle here produce extra thick coats of fur, encouraging even more luscious fat marbling throughout the muscles. This beef maintains a uniquely fatty texture and soft sweetness, “as delicate as a snowflake.” Harvesting only one or two cows each month, snow beef is a rarity among rarities, seldom available at more than a tiny smattering of restaurants in the United States at any given time. To make the most of yours, we encourage a hard sear on high heat, or paper-thin slices warmed with a blowtorch. Packing enough flavor on its own to vividly saturate a palate, we recommend simple, elegant accompaniments that keep the Wagyu in its proper spotlight. 

Hokkaido, Japan

This item is available as a portioned 13-17oz. avg, 17-23 oz. avg Steak or as one 3.5-4.5lb avg piece (The Big Boy).

Product is sold frozen as one solid piece.