Best Korean Blue King Crab, 7-8 lb. avg. photos by Regalis Foods - item 1

Korean Blue King Crab, 7-8 lb. avg.

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King Crabs are massive in size, formidably clawed, and ten-legged, with an undeniably regal presence that perfectly suits their name. These live Blue Kings average roughly eight pounds each, and are loaded with buttery, supple meat that oozes oceanic freshness while maintaining an invigorating balance of sweetness and savorines. Shipped to you live and well, they range in color from bright blue to indigo or purple, turning red once cooked. 

Blue Kings are less common than Reds, with a slightly sweeter and mellower flavor. Only found in cold waters off the coasts of Japan, Korea, Russia, and Alaska, they are also among the rarer species of crab consumed. When simply boiled in salt water and dressed with butter and lemon, they are well worth the search. 

South Korea