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Maine Bafun Uni in Salt Water (150g)

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Even in the Ensui format, we recommend eating your Uni shortly after receiving it, and storing in the coldest part of your refrigerator until then. When preparing, simply strain out the salt water with a fine sieve and let sit to dry for five minutes or so. 

Uni is one of our absolute favorite collections, and we take tremendous pride in all of the selections we're able to source throughout the year. Though nothing beats the magic of a fresh, meticulously arranged "Select" Tray, this "Ensui" (salt water-packed) format is signficantly more approachable, in terms of price, longevity, and ease of transport. With salinity that carefully mimics the Atlantic sea waters these urchins called home, this is by far the most sustainable and delicious way to store uni.

Maine Sea Urchins are close relatives to the Hokkaido Sea Urchins found off the shores of Hokkaido, Japan. Petite in size, this Bafun Uni produce small tongues with crisp, concentrated flavor. Sea Urchin is highly prized throughout Japan, with the vast majority of Maine’s production exported weekly to Toyosu market. Luckily, before that step, Regalis reserves a portion of the finest trays to be kept stateside. Fresh shipments are sent to us daily, ensuring that ours are the top quality available. 

Uni has a deep, buttery flavor packed with umami, and luscious texture that melts onto your palate. All of this is layered atop a brisk, invigorating fragrance of the ocean, leading many to describe eating uni as experiencing the very essence of the sea.

Maine, United States