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Wild Maine Bluefin Tuna

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Bluefin is the planet’s most massive, majestic species of tuna. The largest ever caught was nearly 1,500lbs, but even an “everyday” catch in the Gulf of Maine often exceeds 300lbs. Feeding on mackerel, herring, squid, and other small fish, Bluefins develop incredibly luscious fat and flavor, altogether yielding one of the world’s most highly regarded selections for sushi and sashimi. We are offering both the loin and the belly, with the loin having the most umami tuna flavor and a heftier mouthfeel, while the belly presents more  intensely marbled fats and a melt-in-mouth texture. 

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna travel far and wide before making their way to our portfolio, seasonally migrating northward along the Atlantic coast from as far south as the Gulf of Mexico. To protect the species, Maine has very stringent regulations that allow a single fishing operation to catch no more than three Bluefins per day, with a seasonal quota that cannot be exceeded. Our fishing partners take great care to catch these behemoths with traditional hook and line methods, killing the fish according to the famed Ike Jime process, a careful procedure that minimizes stress while the fish is harvested, preserving the flavor and texture far more effectively than is possible with a less thoughtful or meticulous approach. In addition to being as sustainable and humane as possible, this practice prevents the surge of lactic acid that often compromises the quality of the meat.


This item ships fresh and is sushi grade.

Gulf of Maine, USA

Offered in 5lb increments of either Belly or Loin

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