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Mandarin Kumquats

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These petite, radiant citrus fruits are a hybrid between Mandarin Oranges and traditional Kumquats. Truly the best of both worlds, Mandarin Kumquats (also known as mandarinquats, for those extremely short on time) have a sweet, crunchy, completely edible peel, with Mandarin Oranges’ signature mix of tartness and baking spiciness in the fruit itself. 

Bell-shaped and a bit larger than traditional Kumquats, Mandarin Kumquats have a pleasant ratio of flesh to rind, giving them greater recipe versatility and making for a more satisfying standalone snack than their equally endearing but perhaps less practical counterparts. In addition to raw, these are an excellent choice for syrups, jams, dressings, or marinades, and the already-sweet peels are a stellar candidate for caramelizing or candying.

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