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Mangalitsa Pork: "Picnic Roast" (~3.5 lbs)

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The fittingly nicknamed "Picnic Roast" comes from the pig's shoulder, above the forelegs, and earns its moniker for how wonderfully amenable it is to low, slow cooking before sharing with a group. With pork of such otherwordly succulence and luscious fat, this has potential to create the most epic picnic you and your guests could ever fathom.

Mangalitsa is a Hungarian Heritage breed known for its abundant good fat and rich, steak-like flavor. Ours is a cross between Mangalitsa and Berkshire, carefully raised and selected over several generations by our partner in Iowa, yielding a one-of-a-kind rendition of Mangalitsa borne tracing itself back to the world's most two distinguished heritage pig breeds. The meat is deep red, intricately marbled, and loaded with unbelievably complex and satisfying flavor. Each week, we receive whole pigs from our partner in Iowa, and parse out each cut carefully to ensure that every offering is distinct and pristine.

Midwest, United States

~3.5 lbs