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Molino 100% Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml

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Harvested in mid November, this all-purpose Picual olive oil is balanced, piquant, and savory, with flavors of tomato, pepper, and a refreshing spiciness in the finish. In professional kitchens, this is among the most practical, affordable, and versatile oils for frying or sautéing, though we especially appreciate drizzling it as a finishing touch to assertive or high-acidity dishes, from tomatoes to grilled meats to pasta.

The Garcia-Casas family has been farming olive trees for four generations, gaining widespread acclaim for their extra virgin olive oils. Their Molino oils are harvested just after their slightly pricier monocultivar oils, sometimes incorporating other fruits and herbs grown alongside their southern Spanish olives. This selection is made exclusively with Picual olives.