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Australian Slipper Lobster

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These strangely shaped marine crustaceans may look more like alien invaders than fairytale footwear, but their popularity among Australian fish fanatics does have some sort of magical charm to it. Digressions aside, though their lack of claws technically disqualifies them from true lobsterhood, Slipper Lobsters have sweet, pale, fluffy meat primarily concentrated in their tails, tasting similar to their more familiar and less aesthetically eccentric crustacean cousins. We tend to enjoy them most when grilled and dressed up with a bit of nori butter, but they’re also perfectly lovely steamed or fried.

There are many species of Slipper Lobsters found throughout warm seas and oceans around the world, but ours are fished from sea beds off the coast of northern Australia. Locally, you’ll hear these particular selections referred to as “Moreton Bay Bugs,” but arguably more endearing nicknames abound. Unlike many other shellfish, Australian Slippers remain responsibly managed and in ample supply.

These Slipper Lobsters are flash frozen raw and sold by the pc. 

Northern Australia

5 - 10oz