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Moroccan Porcini Mushrooms

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Springtime Moroccan Porcinis are plump, amber mushrooms that pack woodsy umami within their scrumptious, tender, quintessential bouchon (cork) figure. These early-season selections are exceptionally coveted because they are so aromatic and tender that if left to grow even just a few days too long, they'll either be snatched up by animals or the caps of the Porcinis will unfurl, compromising their texture. With this in mind, we are thrilled and proud to offer such perfect expressions of these fresh mushrooms, revealing a complex, buttery aroma and an earthy flavor when cooked. As one of the staple wild mushrooms in our catalog, we relish the changing seasons of Porcinis, looking forward to each time of year and distinct provenance.

As with all wild mushrooms, we advise enjoying yours within three days of receipt, and avoiding water when tidying them up — ideally with a paring knife, mushroom brush, or tea towel.