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Mugwort Somyeon Noodles
Mugwort Somyeon Noodles

Mugwort Somyeon Noodles

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These hand-pulled skinny noodles are delicate, stunning relics of master craftsmanship made by Myeon Ga Won, a former military officer in South Korea who transitioned all of his energy toward hand crafting noodles in the 1970’s. When preparing your noodles, be careful to cook them for no more than 90 seconds, as their immaculately fine structure is sensitive to overcooking.

Producing these noodles is no modest feat - each batch takes over twenty-eight hours with no aid from machinery, involving twelve steps and eight resting stages to work the freshly milled, whole-wheat flour into a final format yielding smooth, chewy, toothsome noodles whether served hot or cold. For many years, Ga Won’s noodles were so coveted that the vast majority of them were exported exclusively to wealthy gift givers, but we are thrilled to now have a partnership that brings them into many more households without sacrificing a speck of quality or integrity.

This selection weaves mugwort into the flour, an herb with tremendous health benefits, a gently bitter taste, and a flavor more frequently compared to sage.

Available in 3 other varieties:

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