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Natural Three Olive Mix, Pitted

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This Spanish pitted olive trio contains Aloreña, Cuquillo, and Cornicabra varieties in a natural cured brine, presenting a dynamic mix of sizes, colors, textures and flavors. Altogether, they make a stellar mixture for a standalone snack and are superbly simple to incorporate into a recipe thanks to their pitted format.

Aloreñas are egg-shaped, pale in color, with a pleasantly mild and salty crunch. Cuquillos are naturally spherical, black in color, and somewhat crackly in texture. Far more aromatic than acidic or bitter, they present a touch of smokiness up front and a sweet finish. Cornicabras are oval, ranging in color from pale pink to deep purple, with potent malic acidity and wonderfully fresh aroma.

Carmona, Andalusia, Spain