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New Zealand Ike Jime Sea Bream

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Sea Bream is among the most iconic, opulent fish in East Asia and throughout the Pacific. In Japanese folklore, “Madai” symbolizes fortune, and is typically reserved for triumphant celebrations. With an impeccably clean, sweet flavor profile and pink, fluffy meat, it is easy to see why this makes a stellar centerpiece for festive occasions. 

Though nowhere in the world boats richly intertwined fishing and culinary histories as revered as Japan’s, Australia and New Zealand have spectacular industries of their own, blessed with vast maritime landscapes that countless species call home. Abiding by Japanese principles, our fishing partners employ the famed Ike Jime technique when slaughtering their catches. Ike Jime is a swift and precise technique that minimizes stress on the fish, making it comparatively humane, while also retaining the finest and softest texture of the meat. Though it’s easy to boast about the ethical and culinary advantages of Ike Jime, we feel it’s incredibly important to appreciate the skill required to do it properly — the practice’s requisite knowledge, dexterity, and precision are why fish slaughtered this way remain a rarity.

Each fish averages 4-5 lbs

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