OMED Olive Pit Smoked Arbequina EVOO

OMED Olive Pit Smoked Arbequina EVOO

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Olive Variety: 100% Arbequina

Origin: Ácula, Granada, Andalucía, Spain

Time of harvest: November

Tasting Notes: This grassy arbequina olive oil from O-Med, is cold smoked with the pits of our own olives—providing wonderful flavor with sustainable practices. The result is a harmonious balance of light smoke followed by the pepperiness typical of the arbequina varietal.

Recommendations: A wonderful addition to anything from grilled meats to risotto, manchego cheese, and deviled eggs. This oil adds a mild smokiness to any dish. Stretch your dollar and add flavor by incorporating O-Med arbequina EVOO into your recipe.

Contains 250ml smoked oil