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O-Med Yuzu Arbequina EVOO

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The Garcia-Casas family has been farming olive trees for four generations, gaining widespread acclaim for their extra virgin olive oils. In this selection, their superbly fragrant Arbequina olives are pressed alongside Yuzu peel, lending a floral, sweetly citric element that differentiates this oil from others. This process requires meticulous hand trimming of each fruit, a feat impossible to perform mechanically. This technique is modeled after an Italian tradition called Agrumato, and very few companies in the world today are willing to invest the energy and diligence required to do it properly. Though the market is plagued with synthetically flavored citrus oils, this selection from OMED is a glowing exception.

On its own, Yuzu may look like a bumpy, uglier cousin to the lemon, but its flavor, fragrance, and intensity are incomparable to other citrus. Decadently floral, tart, and assertively aromatic, the scent of Yuzu is so potent that it is cherished in Japan not only for its culinary value, but also as a perfume and bathing oil for special occasions. Although the fruits produce very little juice, the rind and peel are so sweet and flavorful that they lend themselves to a huge variety of recipes to great effect. In Japan, yuzu is a fundamental part of Ponzu sauce, but is also used in soups, teas, deserts, sashimi, and cocktails.

OMED’s decision to incorporate this fruit into their oil is testament to its class and versatility. A perfect finishing touch to any dish needing a bit of extra vibrance, but especially enjoyed with raw fish crudos, grilled meats, stone fruit, and sheep’s milk cheeses.

This item is one 250ml bottle

Andalucia, Spain