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Okinawa A5 Wagyu Striploin

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Like wine, Japanese Wagyu evokes refreshingly distinct terroir from one region to another. Okinawa’s subtropical climate in Japan’s southernmost prefecture is highly coveted for its uniquely sweet flavored meat. The Kuroge Washu Wagyu cattle that we source from the Motobu Cooperative are partially fed with leftover lees and grains from the nearby Orion Beer Company, providing extra lactic acid and fermentation to their diet. This provides a higher ratio of unsaturated fatty acids compared to other prefectures, embellishing upon these cuts' distinct sweetness.

To make the most of your Wagyu, we encourage a hard sear on high heat, or paper-thin slices warmed with a blowtorch. Packing enough flavor on its own to vividly saturate a palate, we recommend simple, elegant accompaniments that keep the Wagyu in its proper spotlight.

Okinawa, Japan

This item is available as 13-17 oz. avg., 17-23 oz. avg. or 3.5-4.5 lb. avg., and is sold frozen in one solid piece.