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Poulet Rouge Chicken - 2.6 lb avg.

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Compared to more commonly raised breeds of chicken in the United States, Poulet Rouge are leaner, longer, and more densely flavorful, with thin skin that crisps like expertly prepared pork belly. They mature much more slowly than other breeds, fortifying their flavor and texture at the expense of profit-driven efficiencies endemic to the modern the poultry industry. Raised to impeccable standards of ethics and environmentalism, these are among the most satisfying and sustainable birds available.

Originating in France, the label of Poulet Rouge was refined in the 1960's, amidst a wave of revitalizing and reclaiming artisanal agriculture throughout the country. Aside from the breed particularity, these birds must never be given antibiotics, artificial hormones, growth stimulants, or animal byproducts in their diet. Farmers may only raise so many per flock at a given time, ensuring there is always ample space to roam and that every bird receives appropriate attention. Finally, once slaughtered, poulet rouge chickens may only be air chilled - never submerged in a water solution. The practice of air chilling is vastly superior for retaining texture and flavor, despite requiring more time and energy.

Also nicknamed cou nu or "Naked Neck" due to their charming bald necks, the poulet rouge breed and standards were adapted to the United States shortly after the bird won a national award in France in 2003. By adapting the genetics and traditional French approach to American farms, we now have access to poultry far superior to the domestic status quo. For preparation, we recommend utilizing the same recipes you may already know and love, but to keep in mind that a milder approach may appropriately draw additional attention this selection's depth and nuance.