Regalis 3 Variety Cheese Sets with Honeycomb

Regalis 3 Variety Cheese Sets with Honeycomb

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Regalis is proud to offer a carefully curated selection of Artisan Cheeses from around the world. 

This item has 3 variations available.

Each Set includes 3 x 12 oz cheeses & 1 x 4 oz. Wild Flower Honeycomb

Please note that each set includes a much larger portion of cheese than what is displayed in the photograph****

Set 1 - American Legends

Green Hill - Sweet Grass Dairy 
From Sweet Grass Dairy's rotational grazing practices, the result is beautiful "All American: Camembert. A thin white rind protect a buttery yellow paste that fits on any cheese board, cracker, or baguette. Pasteurized Cow's milk, Soft ripened, aged 2 weeks

Cottonwood Cheddar Reserve - Jason Wiebe Dairy  
From a third generation Dairy farm in Kansas, Cottonwood cheddar is the Wiebe farms first raw milk cheese. Produced near the barn where the cows are milked, this unique process develops a cheese with full flavors of an aged cheddar with a subtle sweetness without any "cheddar bite". Raw Cow's milk, Firm, Aged 12 Months 

O'Banon- Wrapped in Bourbon soaked chestnut leaves this is not a fresh goats cheese to be overlooked. With its beautiful unwrapped presentation flaunting "etchwork" from the leaves imprinted into the cheese this wonderfully tart and fruity cheese finishes with mild tannic flavors reminiscent of whiskey tasting's past. Firm and Dense this pillow like round is a testament to "hand-crafted" techniques. Pasteurized Goats milk, Fresh Goat, 2 weeks aged

Set 2 - European Selection 

Emmentaler AOP 6 Month - Gourmino Affinage and selection 
An AOP 210lb wheel that reigns from the Emmental valley of Switzerland in the Canton of Bern region. This fairy-tale landscape has produced a raw milk cheese who's export can date back to the 13th century being handcrafted the same way today. The 10 select Dairies that produce this Emmentaler source all raw milk from within 3 kilometers ensuring each wheel delivers the valley's unique and classic terroir. Raw Cow, Semi-firm, 6 Months 

Comte AOP - Rodolphe Le Meunier 
From affinage by the Master himself Rodolphe le Meuneir, this French classic offers all the nuttiness that french cheese fans are looking for. Reigning from the Jura Mountains this cheese boasts all the Terrior for those tricky wine pairings. Raw Cow, Semi-Firm, 12-15 Months.

Shropshire - Cropwell Bishop
Produced at a Family run dairy, Cropwell Bishop produces some of the most beautiful award winning cheese's in the world. Originally produced into 17lb truckle wheels allowing for the development of deep veining and vibrant colors. With delicious nutty flavors this blue is savory and meaty with a pleasant velvety texture. Cow's Milk, Blue, 6 Months 

Set 3 - World Masters

Malghese - Lombardia Italy- A brighter cousin to Taleggio, this washed rind cow's milk cheese pulls unique flavors from the added sheeps milk and cream. A brightly colored rind washed in annatto protects a gooey meaty paste with well developed eyes ready to be positioned first on a board or melted in your next sandwich. Pasteurized Cow and Goats milk, Soft ripened, 4 weeks aged

Dalmatinac - Croatia, Pag Island 
From Paski Sirana on the Island of Pag this cheese-maker blends  90% cow's milk from the mainland with 10% sheep's milk from the isolated breed specific to the region. This cheese offers a toasted nut flavored paste with strong aromatics of herbs. Super savory world cheese super gold award winner. Cow's and Sheep's Milk, Semi firm, 6 Months 

OG Kristal - Belgium
This rare find from Belgium quickly becomes your favorite "Gouda" style cheese. The detail taken to warm the curds properly leads to sweeter flavors than any other cheese like this at 18 months. It certainly lives up to its name with flavor popping kristals in every bite.  Cow, Firm, 18 Months