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Classic Ricotta

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To know Ricotta is to love it—we are yet to encounter a contrarian take. Taking this for granted, it’s tough to adequately convey the magnitude of our affinity for this particular rendition, a traditional-style, hand-pulled ricotta freshly made in Brooklyn, with milk from Hudson Valley cows. Rather than wax terribly poetic, let’s just be clear: this is easily the most delicious, fluffiest ricotta we’ve ever had. The curds are coarse and plump, spectacularly satisfying straight onto a spoon, but also perfectly poised to be whipped into a butter-smooth consistency if this better suits their destiny. Fresh lemon juice imparts a subtle, exquisitely balanced bit of brightness.

Ricotta is a fresh cheese, meaning it is made from curds that haven’t undergone additional aging, pressing, or processing. Technically, ricotta comes from the trace amounts of curds remaining in the whey after the initial separation of milk into curds and whey. After the first separation, the leftover whey will coagulate with a bit of help from heat and acidity, with the residual curds strained through cheesecloth to produce what we know and adore as ricotta.

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