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Japanese Cherrywood Smoked Ricotta

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Made by the same Brooklyn-based team behind our favorite classic ricotta in the world, this smoked ricotta adds complexity and depth to any dish it adorns. Gently smoked over Japanese Cherrywood, this handmade fresh cheese retains the balanced and fluffy presence of its classic counterpoint with just enough umami in its flavor and finish to distinguish itself.

Ricotta is a fresh cheese, meaning it is made from curds that haven’t undergone additional aging, pressing, or processing. Technically, ricotta comes from the trace amounts of curds remaining in the whey after the initial separation of milk into curds and whey. After the first separation, the leftover whey will coagulate with a bit of help from heat and acidity, with the residual curds strained through cheesecloth to produce what we know and adore as ricotta.