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Semi-Smoked Salmon Ribs, 7 oz.

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Due to a misprinted expiration date, we are offering this line of smoked salmon products at a 50% discount. They'll remain in fantastic shape for awhile, but at this price, we recommend stocking up sooner than later.

This salmon is sourced from the Faroe Islands, Norway, and Scotland, where clean waters and consistently frigid temperatures provide perfect conditions for healthy, fatty fish. Far from average lox, this salmon has an ultra-silky, buttery consistency that melts at the edges but remains fresh and firm in the center. It is similar to eating high-quality sashimi, and for these ribs, we recommend enjoying with your fingers, savoring every bite off the bone.

Our smoked salmons come from Carlos Piernas of Carpier, an extremely well regarded Spanish producer of cold smoked seafood, confits, and more. For the pine cone smoked salmon, a custom, hand-built smoker is utilized to ensure that smoke passes over the fish only once, preventing any acrid flavors from developing and upholding the cleanest, most refined flavor profile we have ever encountered in smoked seafood.