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Semi-Smoked Salmon Ribs, 7 oz.

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 Introducing our newest line by the famed Spanish artisan Carlos Piernas of Carpier.

We want to make one thing clear: this is not your average smoked salmon for bagels. This salmon has an ultra-silky, buttery consistency that melts at the edges but the center remains fresh and firm--found in the experience of eating ultra high-quality sashimi.

Best consumed on its own in the same setting as you would enjoy caviar.

The new line is smoked by hand in custom-built smokers that only allow for the smoke to pass through the box once, inhibiting any acrid flavors from developing.

A decadent, flawless product.

Sourced from the Faroe Islands, Norway and Scotland, the consistently frigid temperatures of the North Atlantic provide the perfect conditions for breeding healthy and richly fat-laden salmon.  

This is a 7 oz portion of pine cone smoked salmon ribs, ideal for enjoying as is with your fingers to savor every bite off the bone.