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Best Raw Trinidadian 70% Dark Chocolate photos by Regalis Foods - item 2
Raw Trinidadian 70% Dark Chocolate
Raw Trinidadian 70% Dark Chocolate

Raw Trinidadian 70% Dark Chocolate

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Trinidad & Tobago has long been considered the land of the Finest cocoa beans in the world. But why?

A variety know as the “Trinitario” was first hybridized in Trinidad by accident and then commercially hybridized by the British when Trinidad became a colony of England. 

Under the mandate of the British Crown, The Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture was established in Trinidad and Tobago and this was the genesis of the most extensive cocoa breeding program ever done. With this program the British asserted themselves as an innovator in Global Cocoa Industry.

This institute is now the oldest Cocoa Research Centre in the world and boast 2,500 genetic varieties of Cocoa Beans varieties. While many of these strains have been shared by the British to other former colonies, many of the most prized Genetics varieties are still to this day only grown in Trinidad.

Just like wine the most important contribution of flavor is derived from the Variety of the grape .
The finest wines in the world can trace their origin from vine to bottle and traceability and transparency is what allows chocolate makers in Trinidad to make the finest chocolate in the world.

Currently Commercial chocolate makers buy cocoa beans from tropical countries and ship the cocoa beans to the USA and Europe. Today Cocoa Beans world wide are shipped around in containers The extreme heat and humidity in transit causes these beans to develop mold growth. It is for the reason that Cocoa Beans are required to be pasteurized and sterilized by chocolate makers in Europe.
However most of the beautiful and subtle flavor compounds and terpenes found in Cocoa Beans are vaporized at high heat,

Cocoa Republic in Trinidad uses only freshly dried Cocoa Beans. Freshness is measures in seconds and because Cocoa Republic is only a few hours away from the Cocoa Estate they are able to source the fresh cocoa beans that don’t require sterilization, instead Cocoa Republic uses light roast profile designed to develop flavor only.

All Cocoa Beans used in this Chocolate are single estate and hail from the Champagne growing region of Cocoa known as Gran Couva. This estate is the only certified Organic Cocoa Farm in Trinidad and also one of few members are part of the Rainforest Alliance program.