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Soft Shell Shakhurbai Almonds 5.3oz

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An heirloom Afghan nut, Shakhurbai almonds are one of the world’s forgotten superfoods. Almonds in the Shakhurbai family have a sweet, richly caramelized flavor, and are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. Ziba hand sorts, dry roasts (without oil), and dusts them with Afghan Badakhshan salt, making them a perfect healthy and delicious snack.

Ziba's catalog covers a wide variety of nuts and dried fruits found primarily in Afghanistan, cherished in Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines. Ziba Foods, based in Kabul, continues doing the incredibly rewarding work of introducing these heirloom ingredients to a far wider audience, while simultaneously upholding an impactful operation at the source. In addition to supporting small-scale family farms throughout Afghanistan, Ziba also maintains an 80% women workforce at their headquarters in the capital.