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Stagberry Salame

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The name “stagberry” comes from this salame’s two most distinctive elements: elk and blueberries. A small amount of pork is incorporated in order to distill the elk’s lean, gamey character into a perfect texture, and the blueberries are macerated under a local brewer’s dry mead to harness the fruit’s inherent sweetness and tartness into a more invigoratingly brisk counterpoint to the salame’s rich foundation. Altogether, this is an astounding focal point for any dish or board, with enough depth and complexity to hold up to a dense, full-bodied wine by its side.

This selection comes from Smoking Goose Meatery, based in Indiana. Smoking Goose works only with small, independent family farms that maintain ethical and quality-focused animal raising operations. The animals used in their products always have plenty of space to roam, are raised free of antibiotics, and eat locally produced vegetarian feed. 

Please note that Smoking Goose wraps their salami in natural rinds, and that small amounts of exterior mold accumulation are normal. Feel free to brush off any visible mold with a damp cloth before slicing, or remove the salame’s exterior skin altogether when ready to serve.

avg weight 6-8 ounces each.

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