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Wagyu Beef Belly 7 lb Avg.

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The Beef Belly, sometimes called the Navel, is a highly marbled cut perfect for low, slow culinary approaches. A bit fattier than traditional brisket,the Navel is also a wonderful cut for smoking, or for curing into pastrami or bacon.

This selection comes from A Bar n’ Ranch, a family-owned cattle operation in northern Texas. Since purchasing their first Wagyu Bull in 2009, A Bar n’ Ranch has dedicated themselves to raising cows with a level of reverence and rigor that is scarcely seen outside of Japan. Their herd grazes on thousands of acres, sustaining a lineage of the finest cattle breeds from America and Asia - American Blank Angus and Japanese Kuroge Washu. The resulting American Wagyu is some of the most tender, intensely marbled cuts produced anywhere in the United States.

Celina, Texas

Pieces average approximately 7lbs

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