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Whether you’ve already got the perfect steak for the occasion, or you simply love this combo of milk bread and barbecue sauce enough to make it a regular staple of your kitchen, this kit has you covered. The milk bread, made by our friends at Win Son Bakery, is fluffy, fragrant, and perfectly sweet, providing the perfect balance between the nostalgic appeal of classic sandwich bread with the elevated, exceptional quality you’ve come to expect from our partners and products.

As for the Bachan Barbecue Sauce - odds are you’ve come across these little “flavor bombs” (as they aptly describe themselves) before, but if not, we truly apologize. This is a soy-sauce driven barbecue sauce embellished with mirin, sesame oil, and myriad vegetables, adding a burst of umami to anything that needs it.

This kit includes one loaf of milk bread and two single servings of barbecue sauce.

More On Milk Bread

Though a sando this simple and superb scarcely requires any introduction, curious cooks will appreciate the history and significance of real milk bread, a far cry from the basic white bread it may resemble at a glance (though certainly not a whiff). Its exact origins in Japanese bakeries remains somewhat mythical (one noteworthy anthropologist posits the technique came together at Yokohama Bakery, in 1862), but the core principle of an enriched bread stems from the Chinese baking foundation of Tangzhong, a warm flour and water paste used as the starting point for fluffy, airy buns. Milk bread’s incorporation of milk into this Tangzhong paste amplifies the sweetness and fat content alongside the later addition of sugar and butter to live up to its “enriched” flavor profile.

Regardless of precise origins for the prevalent variations on this recipe, bread remained primarily a sweet snack, a vessel for various stuffings, during the first half of the twentieth century, with most Japanese households lacking an oven at home and relying upon rice as their primary starch. It was during and after World War II, when rice became increasingly scarce and expensive while American wheat and yeast grew abundantly available, that bread began approaching ubiquity, eventually getting there with the rise of Konbini, twenty-four hour convenience stores, in the 70’s. In Konbini, milk bread became the de-facto official sandwich bread, living up to its proper name of Shokupan, or “food bread” -- appropriately implying that it is bread meant to be stuffed with food.

Japanese cuisine is replete with umami, crisp textures, and high-complexity focal points for so much of what gets to go between two slices of bread that the sweet, fluffy, mouth-melting pillows of milk bread are the perfect go-to for sandwiches celebrating Japanese ingredients. Despite long missing out on the culinary esteem often reserved for European-style breads, we are thrilled to see milk bread getting its due respect nowadays, from high-end bakeries and restaurants to home cooks needing easy but beautiful lunches. Our friends at Win Son are certainly doing this tradition justice, and we hope you find this bread just as satisfying and versatile as we do.

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