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Wild Autumn Porcini

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California Autumn Porcini mushrooms have plump, reddish brown caps that pack woodsy umami into a softer texture than Porcinis from elsewhere in the world. When cooked, they give a luscious, buttery aroma and an earthy flavor, with a smooth, silky texture that makes them wonderfully versatile to prepare. As one of the staple wild mushrooms in our catalog, we relish the changing seasons of Porcinis, looking forward to each time of year and distinct provenance.

In California, Porcini season typically starts in the early fall and can prevail through Thanksgiving, with the mushrooms most inclined to peek above the forest floor some days after enough rainwater has accumulated on the ground. At this time of year, these are our favorite Porcinis in the US. As with all wild mushrooms, we advise enjoying yours within three days of receipt, and avoiding water when tidying them up - ideally with a paring knife, mushroom brush, or tea towel.


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