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Yamatsu Classic Togarashi Seven Spice Mix

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Shichimi Togarashi is a seven-ingredient spice blend beloved in Japanese cuisine. Most commonly used as a finishing touch, this selection provides a refreshing balance of brightness and heat thanks to its sesame, sansho, and Takanotsume “Hawk’s Claw” peppers. Phenomenal when paired with fish, soups, tacos, or any dish needing an extra burst of vibrance just before it’s ready to serve.

In operation for over one hundred years, Osaka’s Yamatsu Tsujita is a venerated name in the world of fine Japanese spices. Kept in the family, today’s master blender is Mr. Tsujita, who maintains a proudly tight-knit association with all of the farmers who grow the spices for his blends. One of this mixture’s key distinguishing ingredients is Misho Yuzu, a never-grafted variety of indigenous yuzu citrus that takes fifteen years to mature from seed to fruit-bearing tree. Once picked, the fruits are hand-peeled and dried before the peels are stone-ground in a slow, deliberate rhythm lasting half a day. To form the final mixture, the ground yuzu peel is mixed with the Hawk’s Claw pepper, Asakura Sansho pepper, Ao-nori seaweed, golden sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and shiso. To best preserve its freshness, we recommend freezing Shichimi Togarashi once it has made its way to you.

Ingredients: red chili pepper, golden sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, Japanese pepper (sansho), dried yuzu peel, poppy seeds, shiso

Best stored in the freezer to maintain freshness

15g package