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Wagyu NY Strip Steaks (14-16 oz.)

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NY Strip is one of our favorite wagyu cuts from our favorite TX wagyu producer, A Bar N Ranch. The perfect combination of intricate intramuscular marbling and unparalleled robust flavor, these steaks are absolutely killer. 

Since 2009 A Bar N Ranch has been committed to raising and delivering superior American Wagyu cattle to the market. Crossing top of the line Kuroge Washu (“Black Wagyu”) genetics with the Black Angus cows that Texas is world renowned for, they have created an “American Wagyu” with optimum marbling, tenderness, and flavor.  A Bar N Ranch is a family business and that includes the cows, because of this the herd is raised with no growth hormones or antibiotics and are given plenty of room to roam at their two ranches in North Texas. The bottom line is because of their superior genetics and upbringing this is the best American Wagyu on the market, and you will taste the difference right away.

(14-16 ounce Avg. Piece size)