About Us


Regalis Foods is New York City's leading importer of exceptional, elusive food products. Highlights of our portfolio include fresh truffles, uni, caviar, Japanese Wagyu, wild foraged edibles, and live exotic seafoods.

Even as our reach widens and our team grows, Regalis remains deeply connected to our roots with founder Ian Purkayastha. As a teenager, Ian gained national recognition for rapidly elevating his infatuation with foraging wild mushrooms in small town Arkansas. While his peers decided where to attend university, Ian relocated to New York City to sell truffles in the country’s most competitive culinary market. It did not take long for Ian to cultivate a reputation that transcended his nickname of “truffle boy,” eventually working with nearly all of the city’s most revered Michelin starred restaurants for a range of rare products. In 2012, Regalis was born, swiftly growing to include offices and warehouses in Texas and Chicago, sustaining a wide range of chef collaborators including David Chang, Sean Brock, Melissa Rodriguez, and many more. In 2016, Hachette Books published Ian’s memoir, Truffle Boy: My Unexpected Journey Through the Exotic Food Underground.

Today, Regalis has blossomed into one of the nation’s most respected luxury food purveyors, but we maintain the enthusiasm and curiosity that guided Ian’s ascent. Focused only on phenomenal ingredients, our deeply established relationships with producers from all over the world make us the most direct source for our full portfolio of items, and we are able to represent them with a degree of transparency scarcely seen in our industry. We continue to invest in upholding trust, respect, and collaborative enthusiasm with our partners, far and wide.

Regalis also proudly manufactures several lines of bespoke, high-quality ingredients and finished food products. Our Organic Truffle line can be found in key retailers nationwide, as can other select products from our assortment. 

We currently have direct importing relationships with more than 40 different countries, and we work with 90% of the Michelin starred restaurant community in the United States, with warehouses and offices in New York, Chicago, and Dallas. Now, the very same high-quality products typically reserved for the most elite chefs and kitchens in the world are available for homes throughout the country.

It is truly the sum of all these relationships that make Regalis sustainable and rewarding. As we continue to navigate these challenging times, we thank all of you for your support.