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Cordycep Mushrooms
Cordycep Mushrooms

Cordycep Mushrooms

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Cordyceps are best known for their health benefits and their exceedingly particular original provenance. In the wild, they lead a parasitic existence at the expense of caterpillars and other insects, invading their tissue and replacing it with fungal fruiting bodies. While still foraged and cherished in certain markets, their cultivated and dried counterparts have become far more widely consumed. In China, they have long been known to boost vitality, improve circulation, regulate blood sugar, and assist against inflammation.

Our Cordyceps come in sturdy strands that hold up very well to frying. On their own, they make a great side dish, and can also be tossed onto a sandwich or salad if sauteed just enough to lend some  extra crunch and umami. When opting for more elaborate preparations, these mushrooms add incredible depth to stews and roasts, and their atypical shape gives them a degree of versatility that eludes many other mushrooms.

Offered in clusters of approximately 500g

Sichuan, China

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