Best Fresh Chilean Black Truffle (Périgord) photos by Regalis Foods - item 1
Best Fresh Chilean Black Truffle (Périgord) photos by Regalis Foods - item 2
Fresh Chilean Black Truffle (Périgord)
Fresh Chilean Black Truffle (Périgord)

Fresh Chilean Black Truffle (Périgord)

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These cultivated Chilean Black Truffles dazzle with both their quality and their exceptional, meticulously upheld grading system. Gorgeously round and redolent of earthy, chocolatey, gently sweet and umami-rich flavors, these are the finest renditions we have ever tasted from the southern hemisphere. Sustaining such high standards of reliable consistency is a key factor that distinguishes these partners among the abundance of producers in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, Chile’s proximity to the United States ensures that these truffles arrive to us fresher and with a longer lifespan. 

Although European Périgords remain the world’s best known and most highly regarded Black Truffles, producers in the southern hemisphere are increasingly placing their own renditions on the map as well.  In the twenty-first century, Australia has been the vanguard of these efforts, revolutionizing the truffle trade as their cultivated yields reached a scale and quality that could satisfy global demand for tuber melanosporum in the mushroom’s traditional off-season. Despite this feat, consistency and reliability remain a challenge for North American markets seeking Australian truffles, as the sheer distance and a comparative lack of standardized grading render stateside stockpiles an uncertain investment. At Regalis, we have been able to sustain our own supply chain for phenomenal southern hemisphere truffles through our close, five-year partnership with Sonja Ungar of Chilenut, our partner truffle farm and producer in Chillán, Chile.

*Please note that it is normal for your truffles to arrive with a small amount of condensation. This occurs as the truffle omits moisture and is trapped within the paper it is wrapped in. This actually aids in keeping the truffle fresh and prevents it from drying out during transport. Once you receive your shipment, we recommend these tips on storage in our FAQ section under "Fresh & Frozen Truffle Handling Instructions.


Over the last 25 years, hundreds of attempts at cultivating the famed Black Winter Truffle (tuber melanosporum) have been made, many resulting in complete and utter failure. The most successful of these attempts have been concentrated in the Southern Hemisphere in parts of Australia, Tasmania, and South America. As this variety matures in the winter months and historically has never been available outside of the December – March season, these successful Southern Hemisphere growers are re-writing history as now this once winter favorite is available from June – mid August.

Truffles are similar to wine in that each region produces a slightly different terroir. Of the several countries now cultivating the famed Black Truffle species, our personal favorite Southern Hemisphere region is that of Chile, more specifically near the town of Chillan.

These truffles are absolutely stunning. With 5 X more aroma and flavor than Black Summer Truffles (tuber aestivum), our Chilean Black Winter Truffles are incredibly earthy and pungent with notes of cognac and chocolate.
Use & care
Terrific to cook with, Chilean Black Truffles can be used in traditional ways such as atop pasta, risotto, pizza, or pretty much on anything. A truly terrific product indeed.