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Live Geoduck
Live Geoduck
Live Geoduck

Live Geoduck

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This item is sourced to order. When requested, we immediately contact our sourcing partner to guarantee it gets to you at peak freshness and quality. Depending on the item, wait time may vary.

Product Description

Though perhaps not the prettiest fish in the sea, Geoduck Clams are a distinct, delicious, and invigorating shellfish. Cherished in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines, Geoducks are sweet, zingy, and not too fishy, making them as wonderful for sashimi or ceviche as for hot pot or stir frys. 

Native to the Pacific Northwest, Geoducks are the largest burrowing saltwater clam in the world, with shells up to eight inches long and soft bodies that can stretch over three feet when unfurled. Though a source of pride in their endemic region, Geoducks are more widely beloved on other continents than the remainder of North America. 

Pacific Northwest, United States

3 geoducks per order, ~1lb each

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This is a freshly harvested, perishable item that we recommend utilizing promptly upon arrival.

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Live Seafood

In order to protect your seafood and ensure its quality upon arrival, this item will incur a surcharge for proper handling and packaging materials. All of our live seafood is selected and inspected for quality upon receiving your order.