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Stemless Mountain Huckleberries

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Huckleberries were America’s first wild foraged commercial fruit.

In 1615 the explorer Champlain took note that the Alquonquin First Nation picked huckleberries mainly to treat their sick in winter. Delicious to eat on their own, they would sun dry them to preserve into currants.

Soon they began trading with new world settlers by the barrel-full.

Huckleberries are extremely time consuming to pick and the Northwest tribes crafted special rakes for combing through bushes from wood and bone to aid in the harvest.

Immensely flavorful, Mountain Huckleberries have a flavor similar to pineapple, ripe banana, blueberry, and fig.

The fresh season only lasts 2-3 weeks per year.

Available in 1lb or 5lb bags. Product is sold frozen.