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Infrared Sesame Oil-Lightly Roasted

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We thought we knew what sesame oil tasted like until we tried this amazing elixir. This oil surprised us - instead of the overtly smoky, bitterness of other oils, the nose is filled with the heady aroma of roasted peanuts. The body of the oil is remarkably smooth and the flavors of toasted sesame remain on the palate long after you taste it.

Our lightly toasted sesame oil is made using seeds toasted by infrared ray at a much lower temperature than the mass market variety. This cooks the seeds through evenly without burning them, ensuring the nutritional profile of the seeds is maintained. Once the oil is pressed, it is filtered using a pharmaceutical-grade system. The result is the silkiest, nuttiest oil you will ever taste.

We like to drizzle this on top of grilled mushrooms or even a fried egg. This is an oil that will have no problem standing up to stronger flavors, so don’t be afraid to use it with beef, pork or lamb.


Contains 200 ml sesame oil