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Tasmanian Murasaki Uni (200g)

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Murasaki Uni is the cleanest and sweetest of the Uni varieties, with a creamier texture and a more elegant balance of flavor than its more common Bafun counterpart  (though some do prefer the intense umami sensation of the latter variety). This particular Murasaki selection comes from an emerging powerhouse in the global Uni market — Australia. Sitting 150 miles south of the mainland, Tasmania has taken to harvesting sea urchin as a creative, lucrative means of harnessing the increased presence of urchins in what has historically been abalone territory. With urchins encroaching upon the landscape of these delicious sea-mollusks, our Tasmanian fishing partners’ refocused attention toward uni’s culinary demand has served to offset the plummeting of abalone populations, doing environmental good locally and supplying the culinary world with a steadier supply of this cherished ingredient.

While Japanese Uni remains the gold standard around the world, Tasmanian Uni receives ample praise for its similarity in flavor and scrumptiously plump texture. Perhaps there is no stronger proof of its quality than the fact that so much of it is exported straight to Japan, with Regalis among the few fortunate partners representing these catches in the US.

Tasmania, Australia


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