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The Truffle Special

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Product Description

For some of our most prized and popular offerings, we are thrilled to unveil special package deals that combine some exquisite ingredients with free shipping. For the Truffle Special, we're presenting the 1 oz French Périgord Truffle. 

The “Périgord” Winter Truffle (tuber melanosporum) is the richest, most iconic of truffles, with deep, earthy undertones of cognac, chocolate, and musk. When gently heated, their aroma is amplified even more, unlike their garlicky White truffle counterparts, which are best enjoyed raw.

*Please note that it is normal for your truffles to arrive with a small amount of condensation. This occurs as the truffle omits moisture and is trapped within the paper it is wrapped in. This actually aids in keeping the truffle fresh and prevents it from drying out during transport. Once you receive your shipment, we recommend these tips on storage in our FAQ section under "Fresh & Frozen Truffle Handling Instructions.