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The Truffle Special

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For some of our most prized and popular offerings, we are thrilled to unveil special package deals that combine some exquisite ingredients with free shipping. For the Truffle Special, we're presenting the 1 oz Périgord Truffle. This year, due to a combination of excessive heat and draught throughout European truffle territory, Regalis is among very few companies able to secure true Périgords, a feat only possible due to our longstanding and deep relationships with truffle foragers in several countries.

The “Périgord” Winter Truffle (tuber melanosporum) is the richest, most iconic of truffles, with deep, earthy undertones of cognac, chocolate and musk. When gently heated, their aroma is amplified even more, unlike their garlicky White truffle counterparts, which are best enjoyed raw. 

Though pigs have famously aided truffle foragers throughout history, today most Périgords are searched for with the aid of well-trained dogs, as many pigs become so infatuated with the earthy aroma of black truffles that many a hunter has lost fingers while attempting to rescue the fungus from their helpers' ravenous snouts.

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