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Heritage Berkshire Bacon - 1lb pack

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These Heritage-breed Berkshire pork bellies are rubbed with an heirloom spice mixture before they are slowly smoked using an old English method with natural hardwood. The aroma is intoxicating, the flavor is dense, refined, and wildly satisfying. Whether enjoyed in the morning, on a burger, or in a carbonara, there is scarcely better bacon for any occasion.

Berkshire pigs are originally from Berkshire County, England, but were introduced to Japan and the United States in the nineteenth century, and today are considered pork’s closest approximation to Wagyu beef. Called Kurobuta pork in Japan, they remain the prime choice for elite chefs in Japan and beyond.

The animals in this selection were raised on family-owned hog farms in Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa. Though the farms and farmers differ in style and background, all are guided by principles of humane husbandry, ample pasture, and a commitment to excellence in the quality of the meat their animals will yield.

Iowa, United States

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